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“I hope you know you’re my first stop when I come into ny”

Perla F

“My entire  outfit was from Lana’s last night ”


“I legit wear the blue v neck knit I got every other day!! I live in it. I also got the  high low leopard silk dress and I got so many compliments ”

Jenna G

“Obsessed with your entire store !!!! Love my purchases I got from you guys ”


“People didn’t stop asking me where I got my sheva brochos outfits from. Loved them all” 

Musya L

“Love my outfit so much !!!”

Chava S

“I’m usually not so specific with my palette, but both items I got are exactly on point ! I love that you have options for all seasons I will definitely be recommending my clients to you !!” 

Mirel Winner

“Sending you my proud moments ! I love it   If you ever bring in more from that brand I’ll take it :) it’s such an amazing fit !

Shaina bergstein

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